How Search Engines Work

How Search Engines Work

Search Engine has two basic functions, namely Tracing & build a variety of websites on the Internet index and provide search results through continuously improved algorithm to provide the best search results and relevant. Continue reading


Idea For Learning Promotion

Idea For Learning Promotion

Increase website traffic and sales revenue makes many people worry that the economy is showing signs of another recession. With so many websites out there that are struggling for competition and advertising, make us think, how are you supposed to survive? The first thing you should do is this: do not panic. Panic in times of economic difficulties, as most companies, and in the case of this website, will make you frustrated. They cling to outdated ideas that might be a revenue generator today, but shows little hope for the future. Innovators succeed in this environment. And if you want your site to be successful, whether it’s a blog or business information, which sell products and services and depend on advertising, then you need to get traffic and high sales revenue. To do this effectively, you need the promotion. There are some good ideas for promotion, including: Continue reading

Keyword Tools: WordTracker and Keyword Discovery

Keyword Tools: WordTracker and Keyword Discovery


wordtracker WordTracker offers complete tools to generate a list of keywords (keyword) and also superior to compare the popularity of keywords vs. the competition (the number of pages that have “passed” for a keyword). The resulting value of search popularity WordTracker somewhat less useful on a scale of ‘absolute’, because the source data is very limited. But you can use WordTracker to see the popularity of ‘relative’.

The WordTracker is have the ability to find related keywords (related terms) due to internal dictionary and lateral searh its facilities. That is, with both of these functions, WordTracker is a keyword research tool which is good because the alternative choice of keywords related to that generated so much and you can more easily find related subtopics for a “shot”.

In short, WordTracker has more facilities than keyword research services online (web based) other, but also have limitations on the value of search popularity.

Keyword Discovery

keyword discoveryKeyword Discovery is the toughest competitor WordTracker (WT) and claim to do anything that WT could be better. If you want to know how the Keyword Discovery and data sources, the explanation of the Keyword Discovery itself.

“Keyword Discovery collects search term of data from over 200 search engines world wide. As a result we have the largest keyword database that contains nearly 38 billion searches.

We do not use other sources like Google’s keyword research or the Overture search term suggestion tools in our data. These may be Provided as part of the Keyword Discovery service, but are separate from our core database.

How we collect the data is

The search engines listed below provide either complete their search logs and these are imported in full into our database, or samples are collected by scraping search statistics from ISP logs and other sources.

Data is collected on a daily basis however due to the index size, the online database is updated monthly.

Premium Databases

If you are looking for a pure search results without skew by the caused by automated web agents, we also have the Premium Database ( It contains over 600 million keyword searches based purely on user panel data. “